For Beginning Photographers

Publishing Your Photos

A good tool to use for publishing your photos on the web is Ulead® Photo Explorer. This allows you to view your photos from the files on your computer and rate them A, B, or C. Then you can select those that are rated and make a slideshow or thumbnail page. It automatically generates a web page, allowing selection of the size of the thumbnails and of the regular image.

See an example output web page here.
See Ulead's page here.

If you choose to publish your photos on the web without using a tool, make sure you are aware of your photo's resolution and image size. To change the image size, open Photoshop and select Image> Resize> Image Size or just Image> Image Size. Make the larger dimension 800 pixels. Ignore the pixel resolution; all web browsers display photos at 72 pixels per inch regardless of what you set the resolution to be. When you are saving the photo as a jpg, click File> Save for Web and set the image quality so that the file does not exceed 200 or 300 kb to allow a much faster download time. A problem prevalent in photos on the web is that people take a very small photo and then save it at a very high quality. The result of this is that the file takes a long time to open, even though the photo itself is rather small. (Note: these are not directions for printing photos; these are only directions for publishing them on the web. For directions on how to print photos, go to the Editing page.) If you only want to post a thumbnail of a photo, the file size should not be more than 15 kb since it is silly to have an extremely small image saved at a high quality because nobody will be able to tell the difference and the smaller file will load much faster.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to increase the photo's size for publishing on the web, even if you think it is too small to be seen properly. The photo will appear extremely pixellated since the dots that made up the original image have been blown up and therefore can easily be seen.

If you are using a web page editor such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, make sure that it does not have predefined pixel dimensions for the photo, otherwise the photo will become distorted.