For Beginning Photographers

Saving Your Photos


When you are first loading your photos into your computer, you should copy them all into a directory before looking at them or editing them. This way you will have all of your originals. This directory should be labeled in the format of yyyy_mm_dd such as 2004_07_03. Your folders will be in chronological order this way and none will get out of order. You can also add on to the end the sport or the team that your child was playing against so you can remind yourself what you photographed on these dates.

Renaming after Editing

If you edit any of the photos, you should save them into the same directory but add onto the end -2 i.e. IMG_4128-2. Different memory cards label the photos differently. Do not rename the photos since it is a long tedious process and each picture will save onto the camera as a different name in numeric order, even if you erase all your photos and then take more. Always save the photos at the highest quality if you save them as jpgs since you want to preserve the original image quality.


If you take a lot of photos, every few months you should back them up onto a CD, so you do not lose any if your computer happens to crash or you are infected by a virus.