Shooting wildlife with the Canon SX60-HS

Rich Altmaier, Aug 22, 2017

On a trip to Africa, I used the Canon SX60-HS to photograph animals, while taking maximum advantage of the telephoto ability of this camera.  

This camera is unusual in offering a telephoto lens built-in, going from 3.8mm to 247mm, which is a 64x zoom!    Such a magnification offers very strong closeups of critters too dangerous to get near to.  I'm posting here a set of photos at various zooms, and also noting the ISO setting.

Click on any image to get the full size shot from the camera.  Images are ordered by zoom setting, in mm.  Each label is *above* the photo.

9010: 42mm, ISO 320

8985: 50mm, ISO 800

9252: 50mm, ISO 2000

9496: 71mm, ISO 2500

8599:  85mm,  ISO 2000

8568: 86mm, ISO 3200 (maximum ISO)

9528: 166mm, ISO 800

8957: 188mm, ISO 2500

9111: 200mm, ISO 250

9562: 247mm (maximum zoom), ISO 400

8775: 247mm (max), ISO 400

8811: 247mm (max), ISO 640

8984: 247mm (max), ISO 800

9279: 247mm (max), ISO 800